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The Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) operates the mining system ASSE II in Wolfenbüttel to storage low to intermediate level atomic waste. Currently the removal of the atomic waste is in the planning phase. The mine system runs several levels up to 800 m below ground and has an extension of up to 80.000 m² on each level. A safe working environment and good monitoring of the employees is absolutely essential for an effective operation. For the employees in the given harsh operational environments, BGE made high demands on the communication system. The RADIODATA DIPRA DMR Tier III Radio System meets all the requested requirements and has been successfully comissioned.

One challenge during the integration of the radio system was the arrangement of the base stations. The possible locations were precisely calculated and the frequency band selected as to enable optimum mobile radio coverage. As a result, a continuous mobile radio coverage exists over the entire area in the mining system. This guarantees the communication of the employees or the company’s own emergency teams in emergency situations. Additionally, the DIPRA system provides extensive redundancies of the switching nodes SW-2400. Two SW-2400 are installed on different locations to provide geo redundancy. In case of a disaster, e.g. an power outage at the active switching node, the redundant switching node automatically takes over switching operation and manages communication requirements of the whole system.

Highlights of the RADIODATA solution:
- 2 x highly geo-redundant switching nodes
- 24 x radio base stations in frequency band 66 - 88 MHz
- 150 x user-friendly and robust end-user devices (mobile radios with full duplex functionality)
- 3 x dispatchers in different locations throught the premises to organize the communication from outside the mining system to the users in the field, including central alarming system
- Redundant interconnection via optical cables

October 2019 - RADIODATA delvered a new DIPRA DMR Tier III radionetwork to the ENAG (Schwäbische Albbahn) in Germany. The network consists of a central controller, a voice recording system and multiple RADIODATA DIPRA simulcast basestations. All locomotives have been issued with RADIODATA DMR Tier II terminals for full duplex voice communications.

Currently neighbouring railways are being integrated into the radio network. More information will be made available soon.

May 2019 - RADIODATA proudly announce the availability of the worlwide first DMR Tier III radios certified, by the manufacturer,  railway applications. The new DMR Tier III radios SE2221D-R and SE2221D-GPD-R are certified according to EN 50155 and EN 45545 for use in rolling stock.

for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RADIODATA and Kapsch CarrierCom have announced a close cooperative partnership promising high-quality, customized, and economical radio solutions for joint customers. The focus is on the implementation and support of radio networks for rail and other public transportation systems, as well as for utilities and authorities requiring complex trunked radio systems with high standards of security. Read more...

RADIODATA GmbH, a leading supplier of digital Private Mobile Radio networks according to the DMR Tier III standard, completed the delivery and installation of a new digital radio system on 1. July 2015. It includes mobile and portable terminals for a blackout-proof voice communication system for Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH, located in the State of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. Read more...

The monitoring and control of electrical supply systems is a key element to restoring service efficiently and effectively during primary power outages. In some countries it is even required by law to provide emergency communications for voice and SCADA. Public communication networks are only available on a limited basis during blackouts and cannot serve as a means for critical communications. RADIODATA integrates remote control technology into a DMR Tier III systems, that meet the needs of utility companies and support the regulatory framework. DIPRA® DMR Tier III systems assure the needed coverage and provide the required Interfaces. Intelligent data modems allow a very efficient use of the air interface of the DMR network.

Simulcast PMR networks are the best choice when frequencies are scarce, coverage requirements are high and mobile user density is low.

Within its product development roadmap RADIODATA has recently launched a new DMR simulcast basestation as a variant of its existing BS2400 type of basestations and as an extension to the product portfolio of its DIPRA® DMR Tier III radio system. An optional second receiver utilizing antenna diversity facilitates the compensation of multi-path propagation. DMR simulcast basestations are as of now available in low and high VHF.

The DIPRA® product portfolio now comprises the SW2400 switch with its web-based Network Management, the BS2400 as standard and simulcast basestation as well as mobile radios and data modems, all for high and low VHF.

RADIODATA recently launched a new member of the SAFIR+ series of 19” PMR radios. The RD530 is the improved successor of the RD510, which is discontinued. Equipped with a 2.8” touch screen, the RD530 provides a comfortable user interface for configuring the device and for monitoring its status.

The RD530 is certified for the 2m frequency band (high VHF) according to the German Public Safety Specification TR-BOS, part B and C. In the near future a version for the 4m frequency band (low VHF) will be available.

Stadtwerke Mainz is a utility company supplying electricity, gas and water for the city of Mainz and parts of its adjacent regions. The existing legacy analog 2-way radio network will be replaced by a DMR Tier III radio system to combine the advantages of PMR with those of a modern digital mobile radio system.

Telent GmbH is the general contractor and systems integrator utilizing the DIPRA® DMR Tier III radio system supplied by RADIODATA. The open cellular architecture of DIPRA® shows an almost unlimited scalability. Keeping the same frequency range means to continue to make use of existing basestation sites, antennas and masts as an important financial benefit. DMR gives identical to slightly improved radio coverage provided that the frequency is the same as with the existing analog radio system.

Improved voice- and data communication quality, which can be maintained for the DIPRA® radio system over the entire radio coverage area, is of significant importance as well as the secure emergency call and flexible group and channel allocations. This is complemented by several levels of priority for voice and data communication.

Duplicating the DIPRA®- Switch in a redundant hot-standby assembly, furnishing the basestation sites with un-interruptible power supplies (UPS), connecting basestations via SHDSL and microwave links, this altogether ensures high reliability and availability of the radio system, especially in case of a blackout of general electricity supply.

It is also the customers intention to use the DMR network for SCADA applications, i.e. for telemetry and telecontrol.

Together with Telent GmbH as the general contractor, RADIODATA supplied two DIPRA® DMR Tier III radio systems for these E.ON utility companies. With more than 70 basestations the networks provide radio coverage for the entire area of the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein und large parts of Hessen. These two are the largest DMR networks in terms of radio coverage deployed in Germany by now.

Click here to download an article in German language about these projects.

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