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Screen NWM engDIPRA® network management is a major function of the DIPRA® Switch SW2400. It is accessed via an external PC exploiting a standard web browser by entering the IP address assigned to network management. Further user access to network management functions is protected by pass words and users may be provided with different access rights.

DIPRA® network management has been developed for all technical and organizational tasks within the context of the DMR radio network. It serves as a means to establish the operability of the radio network and maintains its availability during operation.

DIPRA® network management provides tools for the following tasks:

  • configuration management - configuring of all subsystems and components of the DMR radio network
  • network monitoring - monitoring and supervising the DMR radio network during operation
  • fault management - managing faults of the DMR radio network
  • subscriber management - administrating mobile terminals, mobile users and talk groups

Fault management deals with the fast detection and localization of faults by means of alarms and information about the status of network subsystems and components. Utilizing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) an external network management system may be deployed.

Comprehensive functions for logging are part of the DIPRA® network management. All important operational radio network events, even including user access to network management, as well as all communication processes, are recorded, may be retrieved at any time and be used for statistical purposes. Furthermore, these recordings may be exported as so called CSV-files to be available for external processing

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