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Secure voice communication during power outages
Interconnecting ITCS and On-Board Computers
Flexible Radio Network Solutions for Industrial Users
Scalable Digital Radio Networks with DMR Tier III
Analog and Digital In-Building Radio Coverage
DIPRA - Switch

The purpose of the DIPRA® Switch is to fulfill two functions - to control and monitor the functions of the entire DMR radio system and to facilitate the integration of mobile users into the voice and data communication network of an organization.

DIPRA® network management is a major function of the DIPRA® Switch SW2400. It is accessed via an external PC exploiting a standard web browser by entering the IP address assigned to network management.

DIPRA - Switch

The DIPRA® Dispatcher Location serves as a means to manage a fleet of mobile users via a DIPRA® DMR Tier III Radio Network. It is connected to the DIPRA® Switch exploiting an IP interface and facilitates a simple and intuitive call set-up by means of a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Basestations provide the radio link between mobile radio terminals and data modems with the fixed infrastructure of a radio network. Depending on availability of frequencies and capacity requirements standard or simulcast basestations are deployed to set up a DMR radio network.

A variety of handheld and mobile radios from several vendors is available for mobile users of a DMR radio network. Various control heads and applications permit to tailor functions and features to customer requirements.

The data modems DM2221D (high VHF) and DM2217D (low VHF) are an excellent means for information interchange and remote control applications utilizing the DMR radio network.

For connecting distribution network control systems (SmartGrid) utility companies require cost effective and secure data transmission. Security usually is demanded by national regulatory bodies. If no wire-bound transmission is available, e.g. in sparsely populated areas, suitable radio modems can fulfill this function. Radio data modems facilitate, among others, the transmission of operational data in mining, control and supervision of renewable energy sources, as well as transmission of measuring data of water and gas utilities. 


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